About us.

Welcome to the Eugeny Tool Architects “Eugeny Tool Architects”! Prepare to be smitten and mesmerized by architectural structures large and small.

We are driven to impossible and ambitious tasks. We can also work on tasks that are less impossible and ambitious, and we guarantee you will like our point of view.

What do we do? We develop architectural, decor, and interior
design projects in various formats (including landscaping), oversee implementation (designer supervision), and deliver turn-key construction and landscaping projects.

Where do we work? Throughout the world. We have projects in Russia, Azerbaijan, Urkaine, the Baltic countries, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Portugal. A
nd we wouldn’t mind conquering the rest of the world. With your help.

On our conscience, honor and mind are our stadiums, medical clinics, banks, malls, yacht clubs, and private residences. And we are proud of each and every one; otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about them.

Eugeny Tool Architect was founded in Riga in 2000. We are a team of architects, designers, and project developers.
There are dozens of us, and we are all kindred spirits.

We work passionately in order to create, and sometimes to call into existence, something divine, or at least close to divine.
Because otherwise, what is the point?